Peak RPA Ltd

As a consultancy company we specialise in providing radiation protection and radioactive waste management advice to organisations that use sources of ionising radiation. We also have expertise in the management of lasers and laser systems.


We offer a range of onsite services designed to help companies and academic institutions maintain legislative copliance and the safe use of ionising radiation sources.

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Statutory appointment as RPA under IRR17

Statutory appointment as RWA under EPR/EASR

Laser Safety Officer (LSO) under The Control of Artificil Optical Radiation at Work Regulations 2010

Audits in relation to IRR17, EPR, EASR

Risk Assessment and Local Rules

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Annual Testing of handheld contamination meters.

Arranging the annual testing of doserate monitoring equipment 

Leak testing of sealed sources

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Bespoke Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)  carried out on-site

Bespoke awareness training/ End user training

Contingency plan training

Peak RPA Ltd

Company Overview

Established in 2004 after ten years experience working in the medical sector.  Subsiquent experience includes work with universities, schools, colleges, museums, pharmaceutical research and other industries.


Based in the Peak District we are within easy travelling distance of most locations in the UK